Asia, once the core of the world's economy, is a land besieged and occupied by hostile, alien forces. South-east Asia has fallen to the ravenous, maddened hordes of the Rapine Storm, who eat, violate and destroy everything in their path. China, India, Persia and Pakistan have all been invaded and are on the defensive against these magically-empowered followers of the Dead God Hastur, with the NEG military barely holding them back.

Japan and Korea remain bulwarks and important economic centres but face attacks from the North by the Migou, who are based in Siberia, Yakutia and Mongolia. Western and Central Asia have been overrun by the Rapine Storm and suffer from poverty and disorganization.

Important arcologies in Asia include: Mumbai, Tehran, Karachi, al-Qahira (Cairo), Multan (military front against the Rapine Storm), Shanghai (destroyed), Beiping (destroyed), NeoTokyo and Kolkatta.

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