Blood Brigade

The Blood Brigade is a cult that uses blood magic to achieve their own agenda. Their motives are a mystery, however. In one case, they are sacrificing small groups of addicts, captured high-level criminals, and even others from different cults; usually lesser gatherings of occult worship. In another, cloaked and masked figures with red markings or red scarfs find a wounded individual, heal them with blood magic, and then vanish. To some - and mostly the NEG - they are lowly cultists using very dangerous sorcery for dark ends, but to others they may have an ulterior motive. They are no friends to any cults other than each other, yet give the Eldritch Society a respectably wide berth, and have yet to cause harm against innocent civilians. In very rare cases they actually assist local authorities and name-drop very important members of the COC and the Chrysalis Corp. They are watched very carefully every day; at least when they ARE seen.


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