The Data Recovery Foundation is a large data collection and analysis corporation dedicated to recovering and restoring information from before the First Arcanotech War. As a lot of prime real estate and data centres were destroyed during that conflict, humanity has lost countless precious works and pieces of information, and the DRF aims to find them.

Often working with antiquated data formats and computing sources, team members describe themselves as "net archaeologists" and "data historians", though of course what they find is often commercially valuable. The DRF works hand-in-glove with Ashcroft and the NEG to retrieve valuable collections of lost knowledge from around the world. They were instrumental in salvaging a huge vault of data from the ruins of Arkham's Miskatonic University, from the hardened cores of the destroyed New York Public Library and from the black boxes of the Poseidon underwater colony.

It is said that prolonged contact with the hidden secrets of the past has corrupted the DRF, and the group has a somewhat unsavoury public reputation.

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