Devil Catfish

by Brad 'Simon' Smith

There have been tales of massive Catfish in the Amazon River and the Mekong River
since the Stone Age, tales that such creatures were capable of eating small children whole.

The coming of the Rapine Storm saw a surge in reports of people being eaten whole by large fish. Inhabitants of the Mekong Delta have made note of large specimens, and of missing fishermen. However, because of the raging Rapine Storm, some of the missing persons may be victims of other beasts and horrid abominations.

In the Amazon Basin, there have always been tall tales of creatures that are throwbacks to prehistoric ages, or fanciful creatures beyond the scope of nature. What is curious is that some creatures that have been reported as being highly unusual have actually been later confirmed to be real. ‘Devil Catfish’ may, in fact, be a throwback to an ancient species more prevalent in the Devonian Era.

A few specimens have been captured, and found that the creatures were not entirely dissimilar to the Sisoridae family of catfish, however the proportions are extreme. The ‘Devil Catfish’ have been noted to be up to 4 meters (13 feet) long and possibly weighing 225 kilograms (500 pounds). Dissection has revealed that the creatures subsist on a diet of smaller fish that are plentiful in their habitat; however, they are not finicky on what they eat.

The various specimens thus captured may or may not be of the same species. Unfortunately, due to the hazardous nature of the Rapine Storm has thus caused the scientific classifications and taxonomy to be largely inconclusive.

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