Disciples Of The Rapine Storm

The Rapine Storm is a horrendous army of destruction inspired by the mad dreams of the Dead God Hastur, who emerged from the Plateau of Leng in Central Asia (the Gobi Desert or maybe Tibet) to lay waste to the human landscape. The Storm murders, violates, skins and eats everything in its path, not necessarily in that order. Like a swarm of insane locusts, the Rapine Storm has surged through Central Asia to the borders of eastern Europe, into northern India and Pakistan, and has entirely consumed southeast Asia, including all of Indonesia and some parts of northern Australia.

The NEG is currently losing the war against the Rapine Storm in China despite the commitment of massive resources to the war effort, the use of nuclear weapons and the creation of a giant containment wall in Guangdong.

The Rapine Storm's extensive use of dream magic, offensive parapsychics, zoners, ancient monsters like the dholes and lindorms, and its cooperation in tandem with the Death Shadows has allowed it to prevail in the face of superior conventional firepower.

Together with their sister cult in the Disciples of Death's Shadow and many smaller cults the Rapine Storm is cleansing the world of normal humanity and making it ready for the arrival of the Great Old Ones.

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