Ghouls are ancient, withered humanoids who eat decayed human and animal flesh for sustenance. Though they may have once been human, over the course of their centuries-long lifetimes they have devolved into fanged, thin, leathery, and terrible-smelling creatures who shun sunlight and human civilization.

Ghouls usually live in packs beneath cities, in catacombs, cemeteries and crypts of all kinds. Most ghouls exhibit normal human intelligence levels, though feral ghouls cannot muster more than a hungry cunning. The long lifespan of the ghouls has allowed them to accumulate much occult knowledge, and rumours claim that they know the way to access the Dreamlands, the deepest caverns beneath the world, and the cities of the Snake People. There is some debate as to whether or not humans can actually degenerate into ghouls, through arcane means or otherwise, but nothing conclusive has ever been found.

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