Magic in the Strange Aeon is a proven though unreliable method for contacting strange beings, harnessing cosmic forces, invading dreams, warding people and places, summoning familiars and gaining extra senses. However, it is always a convoluted, long, energy-draining, dangerous and often sanity-reducing affair, full of ceremonial items, purification rituals, arcane texts, the ingestion of the exotic materials and sometimes sacrifices.

In CthulhuTech magic is almost never instantaneous (that niche is filled by parapsychics) but it can be very powerful. Spells can be of a very long duration, affect large areas like buildings and have potent effects, such as a change in weather or the transfer of a soul. The intelligence, tenacity, skill and mental fortitude required to master magic is beyond most people, so only a small fraction of the population are sorcerors.

Spells come in three levels of power, from least to greatest: First, Second and Third Order. Orgone, also referred to as Ruach among magic practitioners, is the source of spell energy, though other, more cosmic forces can be tapped in rare situations.

Some of the most powerful creatures of magic include the Desolate Ones of the Rapine Storm, Bakhi, N'athm and Dhohanoids. Tagers cannot be magicians as the Ta'ge symbiont consumes the host's Orgone as sustenance.

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