The Migou, also known as The Fungi From Yuggoth, are a race of insectoid beings, which wage war against the NEG. The Migou on Pluto (Yuggoth) are just a branch of a mighty empire that spans galaxies.

Despite what movies & other popular forms of media portray, the Migou are not insects. The conception of an emotionless, uniform hive-mind ruling the buzzing masses is a fiction, dreamed up by writers of such popular adventure serials as "Carter's Crusaders" or cartoons like "God Engine Abaddon". But the Migou are not a race of individuals like Humans or Nazzadi, they are neither, yet both at once.

There are only around 300 distinct personalities shared amongst the fungal invaders, and these personality "strains" come with their own quirks & habits, favored occupations, likes & dislikes, and have pre-set notions concerning other strains. Some get along naturally with particular strains, utterly despise others. There are strains that exist that cannot stand others from their own strain. It is not uncommon to see the same few personalities at the top of command structures in entirely separate legions. If the NEG were to ever decode Migou speech, it would seem like there are only a couple of Migou talking to themselves, despite their countless numbers.

To date the Migou have conquered the following territory on Earth: Antarctica, the Arctic, most of Russia, Alaska, northern Canada, Scandinavia, Iceland (subsequently lost to the EOD), Scotland, northern England, southern tip of South America, most of New Zealand.

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