Military Units

The NEG military is governed by the Unified Forces Council (UFC) and split into two branches: the Army (NEGA) and the Navy (NEGN), the latter having merged with the Air Force after the advent of A-pod technology. Geographic commands are:

  • NOACOM (North America), moderate action concentrated in northern/Arctic reaches. HQ Fort Peterson in Colorado Springs.
  • SOACOM (South America), little action, light picket defences. HQ Buenos Aires.
  • MECOM (Middle East), moderate action, eastern parts invaded by Rapine Storm. HQ Jerusalem.
  • AFRICOM (Africa), little action, mostly EOD coastal raids. HQ Johannesburg.
  • EUCOM (Europe), heavy action, northern invasion by Migou, EOD coastal raids, Rapine Storm in Eastern Europe. HQ Stuttgart.
  • PACOM (Pacific), heavy action, Rapine Storm everywhere, Migou control of Asiatic Russia. HQ San Francisco.
  • EACOM (East Asia), mostly destroyed. HQ was in Beiping.
  • SEACOM (South-east Asia), destroyed. HQ was in Jakarta.
  • AFCOM (Oceans), Aquatic Forces Command is a new echelon formed to reconquer the oceans from the EOD.

NEGA forces are structured along traditional US military lines as follows (from smallest to largest):

Fireteam 4 NCO
Squad/Section 9–13 NCO or 2nd Lt.
Platoon 20–42 2nd/1st Lt, junior Capt.
Company 70–200 Captain/Major
Battalion 300–1,300 Lieutenant Colonel/Colonel
Regiment/Brigade 3,000–5,000 Colonel
Division 10,000–15,000 Colonel/Brigadier
Corps 20,000–45,000 Brigadier
Field Army 80,000–200,000 Brigadier/Marshal
Army Group 400,000–1,000,000 Marshal
Army Region 1,000,000–3,000,000 Vice Marshal
Army Theater 3,000,000–10,000,000 Vice/Field Marshal
Geographic Command 30,000,000 - 100,000,000 Field Marshal

UFC forces are estimated to number about 300 million, with approximately 35 Army Theaters in operation on various fronts, mostly in eastern Europe, China, northwestern North America and northern Europe.

Known military units include:

  • 5th European Infantry Division (Chasseurs Alpin)
  • 1st European Infantry Division (Royal Scottish Regiment)
  • 1st North American Infantry Division (Big Red One)
  • 10th Mecha Armored Division (10th Panzer Division)
  • Franco-German Brigade
  • Egyptian 2nd Corps
  • Brigade of Gurkhas
  • Arab Republican Guard
  • 3rd North American Infrantry Division (75th Ranger Regiment)

Though many of them are colloquially known as Divisions or Regiments in order to maintain historical ties to successful formations and maintain esprit de corps most are, in fact, Army companies.

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