Like most other Forgotten Ones, Morfean too left this world without a trace. Further studies believe that Morfean had more indirect influences on the minds of Mortals during his period on Earth, however.

It is believed that Morfean, once known as Morpheus - God of sleep and dreams - by ancient Greeks, was the first God to enter Mortal dreams. Unlike current malevolent Gods, Morfean observed these dreams

while appearing as a lucid image, or an abstract being, interacting with Mortal dreamers when he it felt appropriate. Other times he would take a direct role in the lives of Humans, appearing before some as a

winged Deamon (not to be confused with Christian interpreted "dEmons"). Eldritch Theorists believe, although not intended at first, that Morfean had opened the door to Mortal minds to all cosmic entities

when he first entered the land of dreams and thoughts; hence why Old Gods such as Cthulhu have had ease in attacking the minds of Man.

The purpose of the Forgotten One's actions, such as his agenda with Mortals, is a mystery even to today. Rumors have it that certain NEG citizens, and even registered Para-Psychics, claim to have seen

and even spoke to Morfean for a brief moment. No solid evidence has yet to appear to enforce or denounce these claims, however…

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