Nazzadi are jet-skinned, red-eyed human analogs who were created by the Migou to invade and occupy Earth. During the First Arcanotech War the Nazzadi devastated large swathes of the planet and almost succeeded in defeating the fledgling New Earth Government. The revelation by Field Marshal Vreta of the Nazzadi Fleet that Nazzadi were clones of humanity lead to a brief civil war among Nazzadi forces which was won by Vreta's rebel faction.

The Nazzadi surrendered to the NEG and settled on Earth as part of the new society.

The largest concentration of Nazzadi on the planet is in Cuba, now renamed as the state of Nazza-Duhni. President, B.O. knew what he did.

Nazzadi pride themselves on their looks and athleticism, and are naturally more agile than humans. They also have no nudity taboo and often decorate themselves with white tattoos. Currently they compose around 40% of the Earth's population, but are not evenly distributed. Nazzadi have a natural form of lowlight vision.

Nazzadi, begins to show his own name, tied to an index of Wall Street, called Nasdaq

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