The New Earth Government is the unified political governing body for all humans and human-allied Nazzadi on Earth and within the solar system. The NEG's political system could be described as a liberal democracy with some police-state tendencies operating a mixed economy. Political decision-making is dominated by a bicameral legislature (the Global Parliament), a strong executive presidency elected to 5-year terms and an independent judiciary. Parliament is divided into an elected Hall of Commons and a non-elected Senate Council composed of the Earth's former nation-states. The Senate Council itself has a Security Council which guides NEG decisions, composed of Senators from North America, Europe, China, India, South America, Africa, the Arab League and Russia.

The political capital of the government is in Chicago, in the Grant Park Federal Complex, District of Chicago. The NEG has unified its citizens and soldiers under a single banner and created a global monoculture while it attempts to fend off external attacks by the EOD, the Migou invasion fleet, the ravenous Rapine Storm and internal threats from numerous corrupting cultists such as the Disciples of Death's Shadow and the Children of Chaos. The NEG is currently losing all these wars.

It is the successor to the New United Nations (NUN), an intergovernmental body that fell apart during the First Arcanotech War.

NEG society is very liberal in comparison with early 21st century societies, with most drugs being legal, sex beginning at a very young age, most sexual pleasures legal and even encouraged, and many vices tolerated. Free speech, dissent and sedition and certain other civic freedoms have, however, been curtailed because of the Aeon War.

The NEG operates within a mixed economic model (socio-capitalism), with a lot of state planning in the war economy. Most citizens of the NEG reside in arcologies, vast enclosed and mostly self-sufficient cities protected by heavy defences. Some arcologies are geocities, partly built underground or into the sides of mountains.

Major ministries include:

  • Ministry of Information: communications, news, propaganda, marketing
  • Ministry of Interior: internal security, FSB, OIS, NSSVA
  • Ministry of Networks: network security, software, communications
  • Ministry of Health: public hygiene, WHO, CDC
  • Ministry of Education: schools, universities, indoctrination, military training
  • Ministry of War: NEGA, NEGN, GIA
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