Neonationalist Front

Also known as Antebellists, and Retronationalists by the media and NEG officials. They believe the NEG to be an illegitimate and tyrannical government, wishing to restore the pre-Arcanotech Wars' international order, of an alliance of sovereign states. Most believers in Antebellism are non-violent, and protest through peaceful means; also taking into account if they push too hard, the NEG will repress them harshly, and endanger Humanity's chance at winning the Aeon War.

More militant adherents disagree, seeing 'victory through the ballot' as pointless. If they NEG emerges victorious in its current form, it will only make their regime stronger. They also hold the Nazzadi as another obstacle, since many feel no strong loyalty to individual nation states, and often vote against such measures when they emerge in Parliament. As a result, the radicals of this philosophy have taken up arms, forming an umbrella group, the Neonationalist Front, launching terrorist attacks to destabilize the government.

The movement does enjoy some support of corporations and fallen elites, who saw themselves dramatically weakened when the NEG was formed. This has given more finances and political breathing room then such a movement might expect to receive, but the NEG has no tolerance for more militant members, prosecuting them as traitors. More insidious aid has arrived from the Disciples of Death's Shadow and Children of Chaos, who use the Neonationalist Front and even more peaceful adherents to disrupt mortal society.


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