Personality Archetype

The Nightmare is a dangerous and blood thirsty symbiont. Those who are bound with one develop a certain menace and predatory ease, combined with a cold temper and murderous streak.


A Nightmare is a rare form of tager, and it is huge in proportion to others, standing a head taller than almost all other tagers (though it lacks a head, per say). It has significant strength and enormous claws, but it's most dangerous attribute is that it regenerates faster than most others. The pods on its shoulders can fire within a 180 degree arch in front of the tager, punching into objects like rounds from a large machine gun. Together, the pods can focus and create a large ball of eldritch energy that will knock through buildings or anything else that gets in its way once a day.


Size: Medium (8 to 9 ft. tall)
Attribute Modifications:
Agility  -/+2
Perception - / 3
Strength +2/+6
Tenacity 2 / +4
Talon (+2) - coming out of the finger nails
Shoulder Pods – Range 25/60/170, Damage +3, Shots 1, Infinite Rounds
Tentacle Sheathe (+1) - Possible entanglement
Limit Weapon:
Mystic Blast - Range 30/75/200, Damage +6; hybrid damage. 5ft wide. Straight beam attack.
this blast is a five-foot wide swathe of eldritch destruction. It damages anything in its path, in a straight line. This attack does Hybrid Damage (Which means it can equally damage structures/mecha). This uses all Actions and can be the Tager’s only action that turn.
Senses: Nightvision, Scan

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