The National Secure Storage and Vaccination Authority is a division of the Ministry of Interior tasked with securing, transporting, storing, neutralizing, analyzing and dissecting all the unpleasant monsters and otherdimensional beings that now roam the Earth. Their remit includes the collection, archiving and occasional destruction of arcane tomes with knowledge that must not be disseminated to the general public. To that end NSSVA has specially-encoded decals which can monitor, track and even destroy physical or electronic records, designated as follows:

  • Green - possession allowed, dissemination allowed but monitored
  • Blue - possession allowed, dissemination discouraged
  • Orange - possession allowed, dissemination restricted to special license holders
  • Red - possession not allowed, dissemination forbidden and punishable by imprisonment
  • Black - possession not allowed, dissemination forbidden and punishable by death or Revocation of Mortal Status (ROMS) protocol.


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