While the Migou control near-Earth orbit and maintain air superiority, the Esoteric Order of Dagon (EOD) has control of the oceans and many of the coastlines formerly inhabited by humanity. Deep ocean bases such as Poseidon and Triton have been destroyed by the EOD, while vulnerable island chains such as the Azores, Polynesia, Bahamas, Iceland and Madagascar have been completely taken over by Dagonite forces.

Given the importance of the world's oceanways to human economies for transport and communications, the lose of the oceans has been a grave wound to the NEG's economic efforts and unity of forces.

Some critical islands have stayed in the hands of the NEG, namely Hawaii, Cuba (renamed Nazza-Duhni), Guam, Newfoundland, Ireland, Great Britain, Taiwan and Australia (for now). Whether the NEG can continue to maintain defences on these vulnerable specks of land in the face of the Rapine Storm, EOD and Migou bombardment remains to be seen.

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