Office Of Internal Security

The Office of Internal Security has one of the most important directives in the whole of the Strange Aeon: to protect mortal citizens against the internal threats posed by magical, otherdimensional, alien and cultist forces.


The OIS is a police force, an intelligence agency, a counter-espionage and a paramilitary force under a single command and with a single goal: protect NEG citizens from monsters. What the OIS is allowed to consider a "monster" for legal purposes is staggeringly broad. Laws concerning the OIS's ability to police the NEG populace are extremely draconian and remove anything most people would consider civil rights. As an internal security organization the OIS also has jurisdiction over other government agencies and keeps a watchful eye on the military for possible signs of cult subversion.

Although the OIS does not have administrative divisions, it maintains four types of operating personnel:

  • Field Agents
  • Undercover Agents
  • Response Teams
  • SPAT, Special Powered Armor Teams
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