Para Psychics

Para-psychics are gifted human or Nazzadi individuals who display astounding mental powers like Telekinesis, Telepathy, Gravikinesis and Psychic Healing. Whether they are known as para-psychics, mentalists, psionicists, psykers or other, less flattering, terms, they are a small minority of humanity that has superpowers beyond understanding. The NEG is currently heavily invested in researching para-psychics but to date has not achieved any breakthroughs, and all para-psychics are picked up from the general population. The trait does not appear to be random, as shown by the 100% prevalence rate in White Xenomixes, so a marker of some kind is bound to be located. Whether it will be soon enough to turn the tide of the Aeon War remains to be seen.

Para-psychics must be registered under NEG law and fall into one of 3 categories: Benign, Invasive or Dangerous. Invasive and Dangerous para-psychics must wear visible badges identifying them as such.

Para-psychic powers fall into the following groups: Environmental, Manipulative, Sensory, and Somatic

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