Razorspine Runners

by Brad 'Simon' Smith

Encountered in packs of over a dozen, the creature termed ‘Razorspine Runners’ have been sighted as far north as the Canadian border. The creatures appear much like small, hairless baboons with a large tuft of dark spines on their upper back and forearms. These spines deliver a potent hemotoxin which causes paralysis and possible death, and it should be noted that the creatures are immune to their own poison.

‘Razorspine Runners’ congregate in packs, and observers have noticed that they have a matriarchal pecking order, in which the largest and fiercest female is generally in charge. The creatures often make a great display of shrieking and making themselves appear larger by standing on their hind legs, much like normal wild primate behavior. It is only when they are about to attack that they throw their own spines at prey, in an attempt to cause paralysis. The creatures are largely carnivorous, and have been known to cannibalize slain members of other packs.

The ‘Razorspine Runners’ are also known for their exceptional strength, which reflects their primate origin, and it is believed that they were originally designed and released by the Migou. The creatures have since propagated and packs are plentiful enough to be found all throughout the Midwest U.S.

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