Renfield Parasites

by S Smith

The Renfield Parasite appears to be a pale colored worm, similar in appearance to a tape worm. However, upon closer examination, the Renfield Parasite is more closely related to a centipedes, having a variable amount of body segments, and minuscule legs. The Parasite also has potent venom, unlike most other centipedes. The venom is a potent neurotoxin, capable of rendering an adult human into paralysis within seconds, and lasting for several hours.

Once an individual has been paralyzed, the Renfield Parasite enters the body through the nasal cavity and secures itself in the sinuses. Secured within the sinuses, the Parasite begins to consume its own stored energy reserves to grow a pair of proboscis it uses to infiltrate the brain. Average time from the Parasite entering the sinus cavity to this period is three days.

After the parasite has taken hold of the host’s brain, there are few signs, other than an increase in physical strength and the host becoming easily excitable in the presence of smaller animals. Those infected also exhibit extreme bipolar tendencies, exhibiting periods of extreme excitability and activity, as well as periods of extreme melancholy and severe apathy. The reason for the nomenclature focuses entirely upon an odd fixation of the infected. Once the parasite has taken hold of the host’s brain, the host finds an overwhelming urge to consume the still warm flesh of living creatures, however, only rarely is the subject driven to cannibalism. When subjects were questioned, they all espouse a belief that they must “consume the life force of lesser creatures.”

The Renfield Parasite lays eggs within the sinuses of the host, which then find their way into the stomach and intestines. Once there, they feast upon the meat provided by the host. In lean times, the parasites will actually begin eating the host. After reaching a state of maturity, which takes approximately two weeks, the Renfield parasites are capable of exiting the host through either the anus or mouth, and beginning the process anew.

It should be noted that Renfield Parasites are asexual, and enter the adolescent phase pregnant. A single individual parasite can be responsible for maintaining the species.

Renfield Syndrome
Toxoplasma Gondii a mind control parasite.

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