Rot Slime

by Brad 'Simon' Smith

The first known encounter with the creatures classified as ‘Rot Slime’ was in a demolished warehouse in Colorado which had previously been the storage place for several thousand barrels of toxic waste. The creature at first appeared to be a rather large, but shallow, puddle of black liquid lying stagnant on the concrete floor. The pool appeared to be completely inert until one of the mercenaries whom were clearing the building stepped in it. The pool then coalesced around the mercenary’s leg and several pseudopods emerged and grasped at other limbs. Unfortunately, the individual was shortly suffocated and the vaguely translucent slime began to dissolve both the mercenary and also all inorganic substances carried upon his person. Witnesses noted that all inorganic substances seemed to corrode rapidly before disintegrating.

Other encounters with this type of creature shows that it is generally dormant, and lays in wait for potential prey to wander across the surface of the slime. Witnesses have also noticed that enzymes exuded from the creature tend to dissolve all organic and most inorganic substances, at varying rates. Scientists theorize that the enzymes break down the substances in a more easily digestible compound.

To date, there has been no extensive study of the creatures as specimens are rare and generally destroyed with fire shortly after discovery. However, the creature shares many traits common with amoebas. Theorists believe the creature reproduces in a similar manner, through binary fission.

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