Second Arcanotech War

The Second Arcanotech War began when the Migou attacked Earth's colonies on Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and the moon, wiping them out completely, and invaded Earth proper shortly after. The Migou had failed in their attempt to have their cloned servitor race, the Nazzadi, conquer Earth for them, and had decided to finish the job themselves. Despite knowing of their arrival for many months the NEG was not prepared to deal with the size of the Migou Hive Ship, the power of their space fleet and the numbers of their troops, and was crushed in the initial engagement.

After attaining space and air superiority the Migou landed on the poles and quickly captured territory extending from the polar regions through Russia, Alaska, the Nordic countries), Canada's Nunavut & Northwest, Argentina, New Zealand, Tasmania, Iceland, Mongolia and other smaller parts of the northern hemisphere. Their latest conquest of Juneau and the NEG's subsequent failure to recapture the city have emboldened them immensely.

The Second Arcanotech War became the Aeon War with the arrival of the Dead God and his Rapine Storm, the insurrection of the cults and the rise of the EOD from the Earth's oceans.

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