Fanatic supporters of the mysterious and enigmatic, Il Hajj (The Pilgrim), the Shadows are a secretive and esoteric group of individuals that feel that they are fighting a Jihad, (Holy War) against what they consider Infidels against the true Revelation of Allah.

They are the natural evolution of the Taliban, Al Quaheda and other fringe groups from the late 2oth Century yet their roots are much, much older, some say as old as Mankind itself if not older.

In reality, Il Hajj is a secret devotee of Nyarlathotep and some have hinted that he maybe or possibly thinks he is, a reincarnation of Nephren Ka and has no intention of fighting for Allah but in fact uses the latent fanaticism and frustration for his own means; citing the various monsters and entities as 'Angels of Allah' and forging a bizarre alliance with other nefarious criminal organizations and deviant cults.

The main base of operations for the Shadows is the Middle East, North Africa and some parts of Central Asia yet they have factions everywhere, some working high within the NEG's central command.

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