Special Services

The "freak show", as it is often described by other intelligence agents, is a division containing some of the scariest sorcerors, para-psychics and occult weirdos the NEG has managed to harness in the service of humanity. Operating as an ultra-secretive group tasked with capturing or eliminating the most dangerous lifeforms found internally within NEG territory, the Special Service is more than capable of taking on vitality-scale Mythos monsters, Dhohanoids, summoned creatures, rogue sorcerors, escaped Zoners and all their ilk. SS agents are often trained in sophisticated gunplay and have a license to kill with impunity in the pursuit of their quarry. Officially disavowed and subject to no oversight within the government, the Special Service is looked on with horror and fear by members of the government and civilians alike…those who have even heard of it, that is.

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