Swarm Lord

by Brad 'Simon' Smith

‘And I looked up, and the swarm of insects had crawled into his flesh…’

A Swarm Lord appears as a normal person, however, most are derelicts that have long since stopped caring about their own bodies, and instead have focused on the good of the swarm. Clothes are often soiled and hang in rags over grimy flesh covered in lesions. Maggots and larvae often nest just below the skin, waiting to add their numbers to the swarm. Flying insects create a perpetual cloud of buzzing wings around the body of the host, while crawling insects often roam through the rags that the host wears, over the skin, and into open orifices and nest in lesions. Some witnesses have even seen Swarm Lords exhale a cloud of miniscule flying insects that seem to have nested within the lungs of the host.

It should be noted that interviews with survivors of a Swarm Lord’s assault show that the entire swarm shares a consciousness, however scientists are unsure if the hive mind of the insects are in control, or if the host is controlling the swarm.

N.E.G. soldiers have found that normal methods for bug control are equally as viable against Swarm Lords. Insecticides kill the insects in a swarm as easily as normal insects, and fire is an equally viable solution. Killing the host will often appear to disperse the swarm, however, there is no proof that the swarm does not simply find another viable host.

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