Worm Tongues

by Brad 'Simon' Smith

N.E.G. soldiers clearing cities in the Midwest U.S. of the minions of the Migou encountered a creature vaguely humanoid in shape. However, the creature was obviously not human, although it may have been genetically altered from human stock.

The creature stands approximately 2 meters (6.5 feet) tall; however, it rarely stands fully upright. All sightings of the creature show it running on all fours and inspection of terminated specimens has revealed that the creature has elongated and powerful forearms. The creatures are largely hairless, and their skin is a mottled pink. The creature has large, razor-sharp claws on both front and rear limbs, which it has been seen using to climb difficult surfaces or used in combat.

The namesake of the creature’s designation comes from an odd jaw structure. Instead of a single opening, the lower face of the creature is dominated by four long, muscular proboscises that seem to move of their own accord. The end of each of these proboscises is ringed in small teeth, much like a lamprey. From both dissection and from visual recordings, it has been verified that the creature subsists entirely on blood. Feeding sources have predominantly been human; however, findings reveal that the creatures are willing to feed from any mammal.

The 'Worm Tongues' also seem to be capable of seeing sources of heat at a distance, which allows them to locate prey in a pitch dark environment. Dissection has revealed that a series of pits located about the face act in an identical fashion to the common pit viper.

The social structure of the creature appears to be largely pack based, as the creatures appear to hunt in groups of three to five. Their methods of hunting reveal that the creatures are relatively intelligent, and quite cunning. They are capable of opening doors, as well as laying ambushes. The creatures are also known to have self preservation instincts, and generally do not attack unless they outnumber their prey.

Infrared sensing

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